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Business Insurance

from TD Insurance

Business Insurance

Your Business Is at Risk Without the Right Insurance

Every business, no matter what size it is, needs insurance for liability and property. Otherwise, you are putting your investment at risk, and you are putting your employees who rely on you at risk too. Common reasons to take out business insurance include:

  • Property damage from fires, storms, floods, and earthquakes

  • Vandalism and theft

  • Legal judgments for financial damages

  • Accidents and injuries on the premises

  • Business vehicle accidents

Without business insurance, you would have to cover these challenges out of your own financial reserves. Fortunately, at TD Insurance, we have many business insurance options for you, whether you’re a small startup or a well-established Phoenix corporation.

We Want to Learn More About You for Tailored Business Insurance

Every business has different needs when it comes to insurance. In order to make sure we tailor a policy to your unique business, we will ask you about:

  • Your industry

  • The type of business

  • Location and branches

  • Number of employees

  • Size of payroll

  • Business vehicles

  • Safety training at the workplace

  • Plans for the future

  • Special coverage needed

  • Insurance claims history

We Offer a Range of Business Insurance Solutions

Property Insurance

This insurance is similar to homeowners insurance for your business premises. It covers the structure and its interior in case of fire, storms, theft, and vandalism. We often recommend adding flood or earthquake insurance, depending on your location.

Business Auto Insurance

Your business vehicles must be covered by a business auto policy, not your personal auto policy. This covers you, employees, your vehicles, and personal property in the event of an accident. We recommend full coverage, which includes liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance to protect you from a wide range of emergencies. Business auto insurance also covers you and employees when you use rental vehicles for work.

General Liability Insurance

Also called commercial liability coverage, this insurance protects your business if someone is injured or loses their life on your premises. It can also be customized to offer protection in the event of wrongful termination, errors and omissions, and discrimination. You can add even more liability coverage with a business umbrella policy.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance covers your employees if they are hurt on the job. It pays for medical care, disability, and lost wages, which also protects you from lawsuits in these matters.


When your work entails promises or contracts, you may want a bond in case you or a subcontractor cannot make good on the agreement. Bonds are used widely in construction and many trades, and we also have bonds available for accountants, public officials, and many similar professions.

Get Phoenix Business Insurance with Personalized Service

We offer business insurance with a personalized touch so you always get policies that suit your unique company. Call us at 602-254-3208 to learn more, or get in touch online for a quote. Don’t put your hard-earned investment at risk by going without the proper insurance. Reach out today.