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Customer Testimonials


Brian Davis said:

“Everyone at TD insurance is on top of their game. They’re very friendly and go out of their way to make sure you have the best rate.”

Arvel Quick said:

“Very profession and these folks have my back. I wish every business handled themselves like these people.”

John Meyer said:

“Over the years I have been glad to know you always keep an eye on my policies and make sure I get the most for my money.”

Ray Garris said:

" I have been a loyal and satisfied client and policyholder for about 30 years I think. Thank you for a greats relationship for all my insurance needs."

Jane Franklin said:

" Thanks to Mike for continuing to look at ways to find lower insurance rates for me while keeping excellent coverage."

Marcos Perez said:

" Always responsive to my inquiries, no problems renewing policy."

Charles Mastrean said:

“Always there to answer questions when I call.”

Craig Heerlein said:

" Always receive the best possible customer service from Mike and his team. Have been with TD for years with no problems."

John Brewer said:

“Your customer service is top notch as well as you guys know your stuff when it comes to insurance.”

Paul Jangrus said:

“What I like most about TD Ins is the fact that you are so proactive. When you see a chance to improve our policies you call me first.”

Tameka Smith said:

“TD Insurance has been a great choice for all our insurance needs! From our home to our car we’re very satisfied.”

Kenneth Couture said:

“Anytime I need anything, question, advise, etc I receive a response in a very timely fashion.:

Robin Purdy said:

“You guys ate the best always there to answer questions and help when a crisis occurs. At TD you treat everyone like family”

Crystal Wilkinson said:

" I recommend you guys ALL the time. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for our insurance needs."

Lynne Krahn said:

“I like the personal approach. 9 out 10 you get your questions answered with the first person you speak to.”

Judd Starr said:

“Always there to answer questions I have. Keeps me informed well. I feel TD has my interest at hear.”