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Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance

Minimum Liability Coverage Is Required in Arizona

If you want to register and operate a motor vehicle in Arizona, including the Phoenix area, you are required to purchase at least the minimum liability insurance. This coverage protects you and other motorists if you are at fault in an accident. Rather than having to pay for medical care or property damage out of your own pocket, which most people can’t afford, your auto insurance covers the expense.

You are likely to be asked for proof of liability insurance if you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, when you register a car or truck with the Arizona MVD, or when you apply for financing on a vehicle. Most dealers won’t let you drive a new vehicle off the lot if you don’t have the proper insurance.

The minimum required auto coverage is:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability for one person

  • $500,000 bodily injury liability for two or more persons

  • $15,000 property damage liability

At TD Insurance, we have a large menu of auto insurance products for you to choose from. As independent agents, we can offer a greater selection than those big companies, which means you’re more likely to find something that suits your personal needs and budget.

We also work with our clients to find the right balance between their premium and their deductible. Your premium is the cost of your policy; your deductible is the small amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance pays out, should you have to file a claim. Typically, when the deductible is higher, the premium is lower, and vice versa.

Full Coverage Protects Your Vehicle

Sometimes we recommend adding more liability coverage for greater peace of mind. This is especially helpful if you have a young or new driver on the policy. It’s also encouraged for high net worth individuals.

We also suggest getting full coverage auto insurance in most cases for our Phoenix customers. Full coverage means including both collision and comprehensive insurance to your liability protection.

Collision insurance covers repairs or replacement of your car or truck if you are at fault in an accident or hit by an uninsured motorist. This helps you get back to normal quickly after a crash and is important if you rely on your vehicle for transportation to work, school, errands, or family activities.

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle in the event of vandalism, theft, and loss or damage from fire, storms, and many natural disasters. If you are financing a new vehicle, full coverage auto insurance will probably be required.

Reach Out Today for an Auto Insurance Policy Tailored to Your Needs

Call us at 602-254-3208 with your questions about auto insurance, or contact us online for a fast quote. Don’t risk going without the liability and vehicle protection you should have. Reach out today. You’ll enjoy the personalized service and selection that you get with independent agents.