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Homeowner Insurance

from TD Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

Give Your Greatest Asset the Right Protection

Every year in Arizona, people pay millions in damages or even lose their homes to unpredictable events, like fires and storms. There’s no reason to pay for repairs or rebuilding out of your own pocket when homeowners insurance is available to reimburse you.

Your home is your greatest asset. You don’t want to leave it unprotected. If you are purchasing a home, you may find your lender requires homeowners insurance. We recommend it for all our clients in Phoenix who own property.

Homeowners insurance can cover catastrophic events that require complete reconstruction, as well as partial damage. Your dwelling as well as the contents inside are protected. That includes furnishings, appliances, electronics, clothing, personal belongings, sporting goods, and kids toys. Your home is protected in the event of vandalism and theft too.

Homeowners Insurance Offers Extra Benefits

You may not be aware that homeowners insurance offers benefits beyond the coverage of your structure and your belongings. Your policy will also offer liability coverage. This is essential if someone has an accident on your property.

Additionally, homeowners insurance typically covers loss of use, also known as alternative living expenses. If you are not able to live in your home while it’s being repaired or rebuilt, your policy will reimburse the cost of living elsewhere, often for up to two years.

Consider Other Coverage for Your Unique Needs

You may want to boost your coverage with special insurance for unique scenarios.

Scheduled coverage

This type of protection covers valuables not usually included in a homeowner policy, such as:

  • Jewelry

  • Furs

  • Collectibles

  • Antiques

  • Artwork

  • Firearms

  • Precious metals

Earthquake insurance

Much of the Southwest is at risk of significant seismic events. Earthquake coverage is not part of a homeowners policy, but you can purchase a separate policy or endorsement easily.

Flood insurance

If you are in an area that experiences flooding, you may want this coverage for your property. Flood damage isn’t typically covered with your homeowner policy.

Umbrella insurance

Your homeowners policy will cover liability to a certain amount. You can add more liability protection with a personal umbrella policy that would start where your homeowners coverage leaves off. We frequently recommend this for dog owners and high net worth individuals.

Enjoy Personalized Service and a Homeowners Policy Tailored to You

At TD Insurance, we are independent agents proudly serving the Phoenix area with personalized service and a large selection of homeowners insurance options. We can put together a policy that’s more tailored to your unique requirements than you’ll find with big insurance companies.

Give us a call at 602-254-3208, or message us online to request a quote. You’ll rest easier knowing your greatest investment is properly protected.