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Life Insurance

from TD Insurance

Life Insurance

Make Sure Your Loved Ones Are Protected

Have you ever wondered what would happen in the event of your sudden passing? In your absence, you want your loved ones to be taken care of. Life insurance helps with that by making life easier for your beneficiaries.

You can arrange your life insurance policy so your family can remain in their home and so they won’t find themselves in a financial disaster during their time of grief.

We often find with our Phoenix clients that major life events are the ideal time to think about life insurance:

  • Marriage, loss or spouse, or divorce

  • Giving birth, adoption, or adding grandchildren

  • Illness or health challenges

  • Purchasing a home

  • Opening a new business

  • Retiring

  • Change in a family member’s health

  • Joining the military or a high-risk profession

You Have Different Life Insurance Options

Life insurance can seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We don’t want you to put off getting insurance because of this. Let our independent agents at TD Insurance explain the three basic types of life insurance to you:

Term Life Insurance

This is where many people start when buying life insurance. As the name states, this covers a set term for the period of coverage. It’s less costly, and you can always upgrade when you think you’re ready for more permanent coverage.

Whole Life Insurance

This type of life insurance covers you for your whole life. Since it accrues value over time, it is considered an investment. The policy grows in worth the longer you have it.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life is often a happy medium between whole and term life insurance. You get more flexibility with regard to premiums, but it accumulates value, just a little differently than whole life insurance.

Enjoy Personalized Life Insurance in the Phoenix Area

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs and answer your questions about life insurance. Our independent agents offer a personalized touch and more insurance options than you find with big insurance companies.

Call us at 602-254-3208 today, or reach out online with a message. There’s no greater peace of mind than knowing your loved ones will be protected in your absence.